At NxGenLearning, we are committed to making the world a better place for all people, especially those with disabilities and those who are less privileged. Since 2001, we have been delivering technologies and training that:

  •  Nurtures each individual’s discovery of their innate talents and strengths
  • Create organizations built on supporting individual hope and possibility
  • Discourage ranking, excluding, and labeling that discriminates against individuals.

Our mission is to empower individuals with cognitive, developmental and physical disabilities to benefit from utilizing the TAP-it®, a universally designed technology, to achieve successful and meaningful lives. The TAP-it®  enables individuals to enhance independent living skills and develop skills to succeed in careers of their choice.

We guide the exploration to reveal the strengths of individuals with disabilities, via a unique ADA-compliant, assistive technology: TAP-it® – Touch Accessible Platform – Intended Touch Technology (Visit for details).

We invite you to see the delight and joy our clients express when using a TAP-it® for the first time. They can easily access digital resources that were previously difficult or impossible for them to use, learn from, and create with.

Our training and support are individualized for each client. We ensure that a person with disabilities gains unencumbered access to the digital resources they need without the use of a mouse/keyboard. The TAP-it® becomes an easy-to-use interface with their computer. They can utilize its applications for vocational rehabilitation, relearning daily life skills or benefit from unencumbered access to the digital world available to everyone.

The TAP-it® is an adaptive workplace device, meeting the requirements of Affirmative Action Rules, to support the hiring and employment of persons with disabilities.

To view an interview with a client successfully using TAP-it® at a Neuro Rehabilitation Treatment Center in Ohio, please visit

“For most people, technology makes things easier. For people with disabilities, however, technology makes things possible. In some cases, especially in the workplace, technology becomes the great equalizer and provides the person with a disability a level playing field on which to compete.”       Mary Pat Radabaugh, former employee with the IBM Disability Support Center.

An expert’s comments: Assistive Technology News’ reviewer John M. Williams “Once in a while, I see new technology that really excites me. TAP-it® is one of those technologies. It comes close to being a universally designed product that can be used by individuals with visual, cognitive, mobility, physical, hearing, speech and a combination of disabilities… It can be used in rehabilitation programs, for training purposes at Centers for Independent Living, to retrain wounded veterans, for entertainment, and in other areas. It enhances a person’s pride and increases their independence.

Invite us to be your partner in unlocking the hidden genius within those you serve, treat, and care for in their daily lives.

David Lucas and Sheila Lucas, M.A., M.Ed