Since 2001, we have delivered unique Professional Enrichment to educators with the goal that they would be prepared with the skills to ignite a life-long learning discipline in their students as they become mathematical thinkers, problem-solvers and innovators. Students ready to participate in society as informed and engaged citizens in the global community of their future.

Our objectives for today and into the future:

  •  Support teachers with successful processes and methods practiced by leading educators to ensure that students experience the relevancy and achieve mastery of “Everyday” Math and STEM disciplines that are key to success in school and their future career choices. This mastery is fundamental to the U.S. remaining a strong leader and competitor in the Global Knowledge Economy.
  • Introduce current “Best Practices” and impactful concepts being successfully applied by schools in the US through workshops for parents, educators, administrators and business leaders. Everyone who has a long tem interest in having a workforce prepared to think critically, work collaboratively and be innovators.
  • Guarantee inclusiveness and equity for every person regardless of their abilities and differences.

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