Learning Through Innovation

Today’s classroom has advanced from static to where learning has become engaging, visual and hands-on to convey complex concepts. A 21st century teacher’s role in the classroom goes beyond “stand and deliver” and rote memorization of their parents’ classrooms. The teacher relies on many of these tools in combination with advanced teaching strategies to prepare their learners for a technology rich future. One that we now can only guess at the range possibilities.

Eureka.in is a visual supplement to other teaching materials to convey complex mathematics and science concepts. Eureka.in learning resources combines animated films with concisely narrated simulations for a comprehensive visual and auditory learning medium. Eureka.in bridges the gaps in typical lesson plans and text books where these sources alone can’t help students visualize a particular concept. Eureka.in interactives gives them hands-on activities to demonstrate mastery of the information that requires depth of knowledge and critical thinking to solve.

We invite you to sample some Eureka lessons at this convenient link.

Eureka.in 3D Stereo comes with a library of 1700+ learning objects wherein each learning object is a combination of 3D Stereo animated videos, simulations, interactive & virtual labs. These high resolution stereoscopic animations create an immersive effect and keep students attentive and focused. Through simulations students are provided a realistic view that allows them to explore complex structures in 3D which is otherwise not possible in text books or internet videos. They can rotate the objects to a 360 degree angle as they zoom in and zoom out. Thus the learning, understanding and mastery is acquired through hands-on, interactive doing.

Eureka.in Mono comes with a library of 3100+ learning objects /topics. These learning objects supplement existing k14 Curriculum of Science and Mathematics across the globe. Each learning object comes with a set of learning resources: animated videos with narrations, simulations, interactives, virtual labs, quizzes, principal topic images, web-links, glossary and key-terms as one single integrated object.

The animated videos with narrations act as strong visualization and auditory tools for easy understanding of complex concepts for all learners. Likewise, the simulations, interactives, virtual labs set in an engaging environment, gives learners infinite opportunities to actively interact with challenging concepts resulting in comprehensive mastery of the topic. Understanding grows as the learning progresses.

Administrators, teachers, students and parents offer their comments on the positive impact 3D and Mono Eureka.in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology topics and interactive exercises have when used to supplement existing classroom curriculum. They express their belief that this software transforms student engagement and accelerates students through Depth of Knowledge Levels One and Two to move more effectively into deeper learning and content mastery in the classroom.

“One class was taught using only a text book and the other class with the subject in 3D. Each class was instructed to create a model of what was taught. The text book class only created 2D flat models whereas the 3D class actually created three dimensional models with clay and other materials.” Kathryn Macauley, Director of ICT & Data Systems, The Abbey School

“What I can’t believe is how much a difference 3D would have on students’ learning. I had no idea how difficult it was for them to understand the elements of a cell in two dimensions and when seeing in 3D they said visualization of the interior parts was easier to comprehend.” Ros Johnson, Head of Science, The Abbey School

“I have a lot of really bright students that are not doing as well in school as they should be and that means to me what we are doing isn’t engaging them. I needed to find something that would do that. 3D engages them and that’s what I’m looking for.” Sharyn Gabriel, Principal, Ocoee Middle School

“The feedback I’ve gotten from teachers is that the students are more focused, attentive and they are much better at getting a concept than they were before 3D.” Anthony Sanfilippo, Teacher, Ocoee Middle School

“We can get YouTube videos and other video sources but the 3D experience really brings the subject to life for the students in a way that these other sources never can.” Matt Dudek, Principal, Halcyon Middle High School.

“Before 3D was in the classroom, only 8 students of 26 showed academic growth. After using 3D, 24 of 29 demonstrated academic growth. Students who had previously been at a proficiency level 2, now scored at level 3 and one with a perfect EOC score.” Joe Romig, Teacher, Kinston High School


“I’m a very visual person so 3D made Science more exciting for me.” Middle School Student

“I think these videos are really cool. They aren’t like normal videos where it makes you want to go to sleep, these make you want to pay attention.” High School Student

“I did find learning in 3D more interesting than just sitting in class reading a book and doing paper work or looking at the white board.” Middle School Student

“The information does tend to stay with me longer in 3D because now I have an image to put with what I’m receiving in class.” High School Student


“Once they are excited they’re learning. As a parent you want your child to be excited because they will love learning. They will wake up every morning and want to go to school.” Parent

“If I had 3D to learn my Chemistry sections when I was in high school I’d been able to really learn everything so much easier and faster.” Parent

“The feedback I’ve gotten back from my daughter is that everyone is paying attention, watching the big screen and seeing everything broken down into dimensions. It’s exciting for them.” Parent