Reading is an integral part of everyone’s day, regardless of age. Whether we are at school, in work training, in the workplace or even when we are involved in normal daily activities, shopping or going to a restaurant. However, for one in five individuals, any of these activities can range from a comprehension difficulty to a significant obstacle to accomplishing tasks. Tasks that those of us who do not have dyslexia take for granted or give a second thought. Students to adults, it is embarrassing and frustrating not being able to read. It restricts a person in so many ways.

The portable and lightweight C-Pen Reader Pen overcomes the barrier of not being able to read. It empowers non-readers, struggling readers or people who have English (or Spanish) as their second language in order to access text for a whole variety of purposes. Imagine the independence of being able to read textbooks, instructions, the newspaper or the ingredients for a cake from a recipe book without having to ask another person (teacher, school support person, co-worker and trainer) for assistance – for the first time! As a person with dyslexia it is embarrassing and frustrating. not being able to read. It restricts a person in so many ways.


About The C-Pen Reader

The C-Pen ReaderPen text scanner is major technological breakthrough for anyone learning English or Spanish and is a life-saver for those who with reading and comprehension difficulties such as dyslexia. The C-Pen Reader is a totally portable, light weight, pocket-sized device that reads text out aloud with an English or Spanish human-like digital voice.

The in-built dictionary puts the power of Collins English Dictionary and the Oxford Spanish>English>Spanish Dictionary in the user’s hands. Simply pass the tip across a word and it instantly displays the definition and reads it aloud from the built-in speaker or with the included earbuds.

It is also a scanner for capturing lines of text and uploading them directly into a PC or Mac Word Program when the pen is connected to a computer via a mini USB cable that is provided. The only portable line scanner on the market that is both Mac and PC compatible. It is ideal for students, teachers and professionals who regularly need to save essential information without needing to write and later type into a document. An example, being able to copy printed information while conducting research for a project at the school’s library.

No additional software required, just connect the pen to a computer’s USB port with the provided USB cable and it appears as an external hard drive. Other features include a built-in voice recorder with playback to save spoken instructions or a lecture.

The ReaderPen is half the size of other portable pen scanners and at 50g is half the weight. As well as promoting Independent Reading this pen includes these features:

  • Hear words & lines of text read aloud
  • A Collins 10th Edition Dictionary
  • An Oxford Spanish>English>Spanish Dictionary
  • Scan, store & transfer to a PC or Mac (1GB of internal storage capacity)
  • Downloads stored information to a computer like using a USB drive
  • Scan directly into a computer’s open word processing application
  • A voice recorder
  • Free future upgrades
  • Available in a ten pen class set with storage case