4 people at tableWhat if Educators, Parents and Business Leaders could collaborate together to solve this problem: Research demonstrates that over 60% of U.S. middle school children report that they are turned off by Algebra, Geometry and STEM disciplines, as schools have traditionally taught these subjects. This disaffection is reflected in  drop-out numbers, lower graduation rates, the “school-to-prison-pipeline”, and over 40% of incoming higher education students requiring remedial mathematics and science classes.

Creating a Culture of Trust, Continuous Learning, and Commitment to Equity

·Join us to provide every student with ground-breaking, student-centric learning tools to intrinsically motivate them to  ask their own questions. Strengthen their creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and problem-solving skills. The result will be that every student will be equipped to choose her/his career and workforce goals from a place of strength and constructive readiness for citizenship in the Global Knowledge Economy.

· Increase every student’s desire and ability to discover his/her own unique “productive disposition” toward Mathematic and Science skills to prepare all students for career and college competence success.

We invite you, your colleagues, families, and business community leaders to join us to scale up the delivery of proven, research-based, dynamic math and science enrichment/intervention tools to students in every economic demographic. Every teacher will have the opportunity to master the effective integration of these innovative resources and shift into the role of coach/facilitator, rather than ‘sage on the stage.’

We look forward to working in partnership with you, your colleagues and community members to make a difference in the present and future lives of our students!

David Lucas and Sheila Lucas, M.A., M.Ed